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A clean and flexible WordPress theme for all genres.

Indus theme for WordPress is a design aesthetic that’s clean and easy-to-customize. With genuine features, quality code and supportive documentation, the theme is envisioned to provide you more flexibility and ease-of-customization.

DESIGN easy to tweak and customize


Clean design style, simple HTML framework and organized grids will help you in customizing the theme seamlessly.

FEATURES adding to the customization comfort


Decent theme options, individual page and post options panel, along with some tiny but useful features will save your time.

CODE well organized and easy to understand


If you are looking to customize the core files, the theme’s code is easy to understand for beginners and developers.

Theme Overview

The theme comes equipped with genuine style elements, visual short-codes, exclusive sidebar widget areas, built in portfolio and blog templates, and rich page/post option panels.

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Documentation & Support

The theme comes with step by step guide to installation and configuration. Dummy content is available in form of text format and separate xml data for pages, posts and all data.

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Available @ ThemeForest

Product Showcase

You can show latest products using column short codes.

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Who are using Indus

A logo grid inserted using short code. Images can be of any width.

A word from the author

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